Monday, December 15, 2014

Javier Benjumea

A few decades ago, the now deceased matador de toros, Pedrin Benjumea, was a respected matador de toros, known for extreme valor and for spectacular adornos such as taking the horn tip in his teeth a la Dominguin. In modern times the tradition continues in the form of one of his sons, Javier.

Born in Madrid, Javier Benjumea put out an exceptional career as novillero, making appearances in many of the important plazas, as well as the pueblos. This provoked the interest of the aficion, as well as the writers and empresarios, while under the guidance of former matador, Angel Teruel.

Benjumea took the alternative in Ecija in 2oo9 at the hands of Sebastian Cortes and Julio "Cordobes"

He continues to bring dignity and recognition to the Benjumea name. 

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