Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fernando Dos Santos In Nogales Nears Release

The new book from Lulu Publishing, Fernando Dos Santos in Nogales by Dale Pierce, is expected to be available for orders in book and ebook form by Christmas. Watch for details soon.

The book covers the campaign of the Portuguese torero, Fernando Dos Santos in Nogales, which was his stronghold during a lengthy Mexican run. 

In this border bullring, he had 7 spectacular corridas between 1969 and 1972, winning a total of 12 ears, 2 tails and a hoof, the Golden ear trophy and also took a near fatal goring in the neck.

Though Dos Santos is the focal point, other toreros making appearances in the text include Pepe Luis Vazquez, Antonio Lomelin, Mauro Liceaga, Jesus Sol√≥rzano, Joel Tellez and more.  

Details to follow.

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