Friday, November 28, 2014

Armillita Confirms Alternativa.

The newest member of the Armillita clan confirmed his alternativa in Plaza Mexico on November 23. At the same time, he confirmed the family tradition lives on.

Miguel Angel Perea cut ears.

Payo complied.

The new Armillita cut an ear in his presentation as a full matador de toros in this plaza, showing he has inherited the traits of his father, grandfather and uncles.


Mexico City Corrida

On November 9, an interesting corrida was held in Mexico City.

Arturo Macias, a long time Mexican favorite, complied. This time, however, he left the vast Plaza Mexico without a triumph.

Arturo Saldivar, also complied. .

The Spaniard, Talavante, emerged as triunfador with two ears.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Julian Maestro's Daughter

The daughter of prominent Spanish matador de toros and now one of the country's top banderilleros, Julian Maestro, Natalia, is making a career for herself early, but in a different profession than her father.

Rather than a career in the bullring as a torera, she is making a name for herself as an actress and model.

Triumph For Veteran Toreros

Last weekend in Cadereyta, the veteran matadors Enrique Garza and Zotoluco both emerged triumphant in what has been deemed an outstanding corrida, as well as perhaps one of the best seen in several years in this ring.

Both toreros left the sand with an ear apiece, making the bullfight a success.

The corrida was billed as a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Garza's alternativa.

Zotoluco lost a possible two ears off his first bull due to problems with the sword, but returned for a magnificent faena that won him an ear from his second.

The situation was reversed for Garza, who cut an ear after a surprising showing to his first and would have cut more from his second had he not had a slow kill.

Arturo Macias, the third sword, complied

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Five Star Tours To Tijuana

For Californians interested in  a  hassle free way to go to corridas in Tijuana during next year's temporada, consider Five Star Tours. Email for information.

The company also organizes winery tours and more.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Second D.P. Adamov Book Coming With Bulls Within

A second book by the ultra-weird yet dynamic fetish writer, D.P. Adamov, will emerge again from This will be released in December.

Storyteller, an assortment of sexual tales not for the reserved, will be the next creation Adamov offers his/her (no one is sure about the mysterious individual) writings. In this, a series of uncanny horror stories with strong sexual overtones will be presented and this time, another bullfighting theme in the form of The El Toreo.

The tale involves a fictional female bullfighter returning to San Luis Rio Colorado across from Yuma, Arizona, where the El Toreo is being torn down. Here, reality stops, for in truth the real San Luis Bullring was active before the time setting of  the story, from the 1950s through the early 1970s and was condemned long ago. In this segment, however, history re-invents itself and the San Luis bullring remains a focal point into modern times. Nonetheless, it makes for an entertaining story.

In the El Toreo section, a female bullfighter, long retired, comes to the old bullring not just to relive her past, but to commit suicide by jumping from the top of said ring. She is stopped at the last minuet by the ghost of a matador lover, who died in that plaza from a goring beforehand.

Dramatic and sensual fare to be sure, but again not historically accurate. While the San Luis arena did see some grand corridas in the 1950s, no one was ever fatally gored or even severely gored there.  Adamov seems to be using Sonora for the basis of his/her stories with a fixed agenda and vendetta against the green party that ushered in an unpopular ban on bullfighting a few years back in Sonora. The author seems to be using Nogales, San Luis, Agua Prieta and the like for a number of tales in hope of both reviving an interest in the area and getting people off their asses to force an overturning oft his ban.

The earlier and controversial The Long Day Of Revenge by the same author and also released by Pink Flamingo, places a focus on Nogales and Agua  Prieta.  The bullfighting content is far more direct in this novel, where in Storyteller, the bullfight shows up in this lone story, amid a number of other horror based takes.

D.P. Adamov does have a blog at but refuses to give interviews, does very few public appearances and has yet to be photographed.

More information on this book will come as details emerge.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tijuana Season Concludes

The Tijuana season left a lot to be desired overall this year as compared to seasons gone by, but concluded with a masterful festival this month and an interesting international cast for a special feria.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Padilla In Mexico

Juan José Padilla, the fenomeno who captured the world after losing an eye some seasons ago when gore din the face while placing banderillas, but making the parade since then with a patch over his eye like a pirate, is  in Mexico again.

Padilla is signed for various Mexico City appearances as well as other major plazas in the interior. There is also talk of a possible Tijuana or Mexicali showing on the border.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Silveti At The Rincon Ganaderia

Diego Silveti has been invited to train at the ranch fo retired and famed Colombian matador, Cesar Rincon, in preparation for the South American season.

D.P. Adamov Blog

Fetish author D.P. Adamov now has a blog with lengthy material on the ultra murky  bullfight novel, The Long Day Of Revenge now at

Information here on book signings, new releases and more.

Paco Pavon

Paco     Pavon remains one of many tragic tales in bullfighting. The son of a ganadero who had ample time training on the ranch, but only a few actual novilladas, appeared in  a full corrida  de toros in Mexico City with huge bulls of Penuelas, as a sobresaliente. This 1958 event was one where Pavon  had hoped to showcase himself when the opportunity arose, but things    did not work as planned.The billed matadores de toros on the cartel were Luis Procuna  and Calesero.

One of the matadores on the card motioned for Pavon to enter the ring to make   quite. Bent on triumph or disaster, the young torero found the latter instead.

The young man's ambition aws there, but his ability to  face such a large animal was not. He flipped the capote over his head for a farol, but on the second try the animal just jerked its head, hooking into him and throwing him through the air like a paper airplane.

  Pavon seemed to be walkie in the air as he came down to the sand and landed in a heap, with his  white and silver traje de luces already covered with blood and a huge wound in his abdomen.

Though horribly gored, Pavon managed to fight off death for several days in the hospital before his body could take no more and he passed away.

The sounds of trumpets faded and the dreams of glory passed away as surely as the novillero himself. Pavon  entered the ring looking for eternal fame and found it only it the form of his name being added to the black chronicle of those killed in their profession.

Decades have passed since this tragic incident and sadly Paco Pavon     remains scarcely remembered for other than his foolhardy bravery which extracted the ultimate price.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Castella In Mexico City

In a recent Mexico City corrida, the French sensation Sebastian Castella emerged as triunfador and cut two ears.

Guillermo Capetillo has made a comeback to the ring, though he is in his fifties. One cannot help but wish this man well, though one also has to wonder how wise his decision has been, being he had been around since 1978 or so as a matador de toros.  His performances still offered moments of brilliance, though obvious it is 2014 and not 1984. He was applauded.

Diego Silveti continued to show  moments of great promise in this Mexico City showing, as he has done in past endeavors in this plaza. Many believe he will one day surpass his famous father in greatness. Today, however, was not the day.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Victor Miranda

The capable banderillero, Victor Miranda died in Mexico from natural causes some months ago, without much fanfare. While his death was reported in the Mexican papers in some places and online, it was fairly ignored by the mainstream.

Miranda could well have  been one of the shortest toreros in modern times, being around five feet high. In spite of this, he was quite long on valor.

He was especially popular in the 1970s and 1980s.