Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Bullfight Club In Phoenix

Long ago the Pena Taurina Fiesta Brava was a popular bullfighting club in Phoenix, but it died in the 1970s when most of its members started to pass away.

Look for details in the future, but a new bullfighting club is being formed with gatherings planned for Phoenix in the months ahead.

One of the organizers is former novillero, Luis Miguel Stumer

Corrida In Jalostotitlan

Jalostititlan in the Mexican interior saw a very difficult corrida that looked good  in print on the posters, but did not turn out well, thanks mainly to difficult bulls form Cuco Pena.

Monica Serrano was applauded mildly for sound demonstrations in the art of rejoneo to unworkable animals.

Talavante was a major disappointment.

Diego Silveti saved the day a best he could with one triumphant faena for which he cut the only ear of the afternoon.

In all, this was a dismal corrida.