Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Death Of El Tio

For the first time in the passing of many years there has been a professional death this  year though scarcely covered by the media due to the obscurity of the torero and the location.

The portly novillero Santos Gaspar "El Tio" of the state of Yucatan, mexico, known exclusive Mexican state following a disastrous goring in one of the pueblos.

While trying to   place a pair of banderillas in a difficult bull, the unfortunate torero received a major goring in the side and lung, which took his life a short time later.

Bloody Pamplona

Many veterans of Pamplona and the bull run have been disgruntled by the events of this year's San Fermin. Critics who have gone there fro years defined it as the "worst" set of runs ever. Reasons include too many drunks and hung over people, excessive crowd and twice as many runners with few knowing what they are doing. .

The runs were constant disasters, most vividly seen by a bottleneck that had men and bulls literally trapped on top of each other. The similarity to a cork in a bottle might do.

One of the worst gorings came at the height of the fiesta when one horribly misguided runner took a goring that was so severe it led to the amputation of an arm

The professional corridas, however, were up to par with Padilla and others excelling..

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Diego Silveti on The Move Again

Diego Silveti, the son of the ill-fated matador, David Silveti, continues on the move to the rank fo true fenomeno.

In May, Silveti cut a difficult ear while fighting in a terrific thunder and hail storm in Madrid's Las Ventas, delivering an outstanding faena on dangerous ground. While some purists felt the ear a bit generous, others felt the award well-earned and the torero's performance under such extreme conditions to be way beyond the call. In any case, the performance established Silveti as a definite favorite in Madrid.

In his native Mexico, Silveti has likewise established a series of impressive triumphs and shows no indication of slowing down.

He is clearly in his moment.

San Fermin In Full Swing

San Fermin is in full swing with the running of the bulls,   corridas and other festivity actions. Many web pages and blogs online will cover this. The runs should also be seen at