Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jose Garcia "El Charro"

Jose Garcia "El Charro" spent most of his life living in the Mexican border town of Nogales, though for whatever reason, he never received an opportunity to perform as a novillero in the bullring there. He did serve many times as a mozo de espadas or other functions, btu never received a chance to fight in the place he made his home.

He still lives in Nogales and while there are sadly few corridas due to the lack of an  empresario,  he takes part in local bulflight club actviities.

During his prime, Charro, not to be confused with matador Eliseo Gomez :El Charro" did appear in some of the border plazas and rings within the smaller towns in the Mexican interior.

Garcia was especially known for flashiness with the banderillas and for his work with the muleta.

Sadly, like so many other capable toreros, Charro lacked the confident management and backing to become a major star in Mexico,

He made his mark among those who saw him, but who knows how far he might have gone.with the right management!