Thursday, June 25, 2015

Diego Dos Santos In California

The bloodless bullfights in California have proved triumphant for a number of matadores and novilleros on foot from Portugal. In the past, Antonio Portugal and Manolo Moreno ruled supreme.

On the contemporary scene, Diego Dos Santos has emerged as a new star on foo, looking impressive in particular for his work with the muleta.

In his native Portugal, Diego Dos Santos is already considered by many to be the best Portuguese matador on foot. He also has seen triumphs in Spain and South America, where he has become recognized not just for muletazos, but for work with the banderillas and capote. He is also an outstanding killer, which has long been a weak point with the Portuguese, for the bulls are not killed in the ring there.

In the unorthodox bloodless bullfights held in California, Dos Santos has established great cartel this temporada and continues to constantly draw new fans.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jorge Hernandez Triumphs In Bloodless Bullfight

Jorge Hernandez drew a sell out crowd in Tulare, California this June for a rare appearance in a bloodless bullfight. He appeared alongside California based rejoneador Joey Correai.

On his action, the banderillas and rejones were tipped with Velcro and stuck to a pasted-on padding on the bull's back, rather than with points, in order to comply with US laws.

Since as in Portugal, no kills took place, again in order to comply with US law. Thus, no ears were cut, but conceivably Hernandez gave two showings that would have easily won a tail in Mexico.

Hernandez has since returned to Mexico himself, with contracts within the interior for the rest of the month.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cristian Canano

Cristian Canano, a new torero from Salamanca, is making a name for himself in plazas of varied category and could be yet another face worth watching.

 This torero offers a unique combination in style, creating a proper balance between valor and artistic principals that offer a little of everything for all forms of aficionados. He is known for opening on his knees with a larga cambianda, usually puerta gayola, with the capote, but following with veronicas of the finest quality. his faenas also contain a mixture of adornos and kneeling passes, with smooth, flowing naturales and derechazos.

This page has offered blogs on many rising toreros in recent months. Add this young man to the list as a hopeful for the future of his luck continues and his reputation grows.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Novillero Mexicano En Espana

En días pasados, el Novillero Antonio Mendoza ha recibido un par de reconocimientos que le han sido otorgados tanto en México así como en España.

Next Bloodless Bullfight

The next bloodless bullfight in California and data for the same may be found on this cartel below.

Note the appearance of exciting Portuguese matador Diego Dos Santos on foot.

Californian rejoneadores round out the card.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Silveti Y Espana

El matador Diego Silveti se encuentra en México y este miércoles visitó al Dr. Rafael Vázquez Bayod para revisar la herida sufrida tras la cornada en Aguascalientes el 3 de Mayo y la cual se abrió al torear en Madrid el 14 del mismo mes.

Debido a que el proceso de rehabilitación en España se espera de mes a mes y medio, y al no tener compromisos en puerta el torero guanajuatense decidió viajar a México para ser atendido por el Dr Bayod quien le realizó una mini operación y una limpieza que necesitaba ya que la herida no se encontraba del todo cicatrizada.