Wednesday, December 3, 2014

D.P. Adamov Heads West

Having tired of the Michigan winter, erotic writer D.P. Adamov, author of the recent erotic bullfight novel, The Long Day Of Revenge, has announced plans to give up on the Midwest and head westward.  Prior to leaving, a second book titled Storyteller, with a bullfight story within, will also be released.

Adamov plans to focus on an annual erotic book and film fest held in Portland, Oregon every year, plus do possible book signing sessions in Tijuana, Mexicali and at bloodless bullfights in the north of California.

The Long Day Of Revenge deals with a rising Mexican matador and his confrontation with a bull named Gaditano, which results in one of the most dramatic bullfights ever written about in bullfighting novels, coming in behind only the climatic corridas in The Brave Bulls by Tom Lea and Matador by Conrad.

If one is not offended by erotica, the book offers a great bullfight tale.

Both The Long Day Of Revenge & the upcoming Storyteller may be ordered from

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