Saturday, October 19, 2013

Belmont & Paz Vega Split Ways

Mari Paz Vega and her Mexican representative, Ernesto Belmont, ex-matador de toros, have apparently split ways, though the business deal being terminated was reportedly on good terms.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gravisima Cornada In Pachuca

Juan Luis Silis received a major goring in Pachuca this week, but incredibly is expected to make a total recovery and even return to the bulls should he desire. At this moment he is in a medically induced coma so reparations may be made on his jaw and face following this nightmare of a goring.

The torero was gored in the neck, with the horn extending through the interior of his face and by the eye.

Doctors have announced no evident damage to the brain or the eye. Though blood loss was tremendous, the torero's life has been saved mainly due tot he brilliance of the medics.

Decades ago, a going of the magnitude of this one would have surely been fatal.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Meet David Navarro

Meet David Navarro, a graduate of the  Marcial Lalanda bullfighting school in Madrid.

A promising novillero who has scored triumphs in the smaller rings and is now ripe for the bigger plazas, Navarro may be a face to watch out for in the future.

For those unable to see him live and in person, there are some good videos of Navarro in action on You Tube, showing he has considerable talent which could be developed into something outstanding in the future.

Manuel Fernandez Mazzantini

Meet Manuel Fernandez Mazzantini, a promising and capable novillero (con picadores) who may soon be taking the alternativa in his native Cordoba, Spain.

He has already shown great art in tradition of the forerunners from this area who came before him. He has especially shown skill with the muleta.

Mazzantini was born in Cordoba in 1988, but presently lives in Madrid for bullfight/business reasons.

He is yet another torero to keep an eye on.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mari Paz Vega In Mexico

Mari Paz Vega returns to Mexico this season after a lengthy absence. One of Spain's leading toreras or lady bullfighters and a veteran performer known for ability with the muleta that can rival any male counterpart, she will be seen in several major plazas from November through February.

Silveti Returns To Mexico

Diego Silveti returns to his native Mexico with an upcoming corrida in Jalisco, followed by several more bookings in the major plazas in the interior throughout the winter season.

Silveti appeared numerous time sin Spain and France this season, which included a dramatic corrida in Madrid where he performed during a rain and hail storm, cutting an ear.

Silveti is the son of the late matador David Silveti and nephew of Alejandro Silveti. His grand father and great grand father, Juan and Juanito were also famed toreros.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

El Juli In Mexicali

Spanish master of masters, El Juli, will appear in Mexicali in November.