Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Death of Patricia McCormick

Patricia McCormick, an American female bullfighter and pioneer in the fight toward recognition of matadoras has passed away. Though she was never able to take the alternativa, she helped paved the road for recognition of females in the plaza.   .

In the 1950s, McCormick was a draw in Mexico and especially the border area. Though she escaped fairly well unharmed in the trade, she did take some gorings, six in all, including two big ones and was also injured rather badly in Nogales, when she cut her hand on her own sword.

Her exploits may be read about in the book, Lady Bullfighter.

Though long out of print, this book may still be found in some libraries, rare book stores and online.

Critics from the time who her in action were usually impressed with her style. Much like Conchita Cintron, another pioneer for women in the ring, she was said to be able to give her male counterparts a run for the money on the sand.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A New Armillita In Spain

Fermin Espinosa  "Armillita" is the son of Fermin Espinosa hijo "Armillita:" and grandson of the founder of the dynasty, Fermin "Armillita, as well as nephew to Miguel and Manolo "Armillita."

In keeping with the Armillita tradition, the new Armillita is now heading for Spain.

As of now, the young   torero remains relatively new tot he profession and as such it is premature to judge his total worth. Thus far, however, he has shown great resolve in the Mexican plazas, while exhibiting the traits his family has shown for several decades.

One wishes him luck in Spain and may he find the same success his relatives from the past did there.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


The city of Aguascalientes has produced a number of great toreros over the decades. The Sanchez brothers, Moro, Estudiante, Barba  and many more come to mind. Among the most recent of potential fenomenos has been Ricardo Frausto.

Frausto has registered a great string of triumphs in his native town, as well as other parts of Mexico, where he has been regarded as a great promise.

Artistic, daring and full of charisma, Frausto has all the makings of a potential maestro if he continues to improve. he has especially shown skill with the big capote and his faenas have continually  been creative.

To see photos and receive updates on this interesting and exciting new torero go to his web page at

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Carlos Sulbaran

Venezuela has produced some great toreros in the past. Morenito De Maracay, the Giron family and maybe even Bernardo Valencia. The tradition continues in the form of Carlos Sulbaran. if he continues to improve, he may well go down as one of the best after all is said and done.

Born in Merida, Venezuela in December of 1994, Sulbaran graduated from the local escuela taurina as one of their most promising of students. he has since kept up the pace.

Early novilladas saw him exhibit a complex style, mingling kneeling passes with slow and pure artistic work..

He has not allowed the pace to falter.

San Cristobal has been the scene for some of his best showings to date, impressing the aficion in this town and the critics as well.

Again, keep an eye on Sulbaran as he continues to improve and hopefully triumph.

He is a great promise for the future.

Film Review: The Mercenary

Not a bullfight movie, but with bullfight footage of sorts. This is a western film set in the Mexican Revolution, starring Franco Nero, Jack Palance and Tony Musante. Brilliant direction by she late Sergio Corbucci and magnificent music by Ennio Morricone.

The film deals with the adventures and double-crosses in a relationship between a Polish gunfighter played by Nero and a reluctant revolutionary played by Musante. Jack Palance is the villain out to kill both.

The bullfighting comes in when on the run, Mustante and his gang are hiding out as comic bullfighters.

This leads to a bizarre gunfight with Palance and Musante squaring off, with Nero looking on and the music from Morricone's duel theme blaring louder than any pasodoble.

Palance is killed in this in-ring gunfight and his death scene is priceless.

Though not a bullfighting film by any means, the brief comedic bullfight clips and of course the gunfighting scene in this plaza de toros are worth a look.

As far as westerns go, this is a pretty good movie also.

The film has been released on dvd as The Mercenary and also in composite sets under a number of different titles.