Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pana To Plaza Mexico

El Pana will be making a return and a despedida in plaza Mexico coming up.

One wishes him luck, but how many times is he going to return and retire? He has gotten worse than Cavazos or even Garza with this. 

One cannot help but wish him well. He has battled political enemies in the bullfight world and won, including Manolo Martinez, whom he once called a Mafioso. He has battled critics who loathed his unusual style, for lack of a better word and considered him a mad man. He has won one of the greatest victories of his life, not over the bulls, but alcohol. He has defied the odds for over thirty years. He has come out standing tall.

The traditional cigar in the mouth, long before Morante thought of it, the odd, stomping style of his like a duck in a traje de luces and his unquestionable valor, though not always elegant have made him a part of Mexican bullfighting legend.

One wishes him luck

But this time, it is time to stay retired.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The El Toril

For those living in the USA, one Mexican restaurant worth visiting is  the El Toril at 2145  Eastern Avenue in Gallipolis, Ohio.

Good food and some bullfight decorations.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Silveti Prepares For Spain

After a successful series of corridas in Spain last  season and an impressive showing in Madrid, Diego Silveti is preparing for a return to Spain later in 2014.

Like his father, grandfather and great grandfather before him, the Mexican torero seems determined to make a name for himself in Iberia.