Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bulls Back In Tijuana

It is going to be a short season, but bullfights start up in Tijuana in July.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How To Enjoy A Bullfight Book Review

The book saw print in 1966, by Dick Frontain. The author is dead. The book is out of print. All but a handful of people depicted within the photos are dead. Some of the bullrings no longer even stand. Still, remaining copies of this book pop up on Ebay and in rare book stores now and again.

The thing is much of the material is dated, BUT from a technical standpoint this book remains one of the best ever when it comes to explaining a bullfight to newcomers. The passes are identified, the tercios covered and everything is presented as simply as possible.

This hold true even now.

Plus, Frontain's photos remain masterful., From purely historical settings, the action shots of Leal, Arruza, Calesero, Cordobes, Leal, Ordonez,  Rangel, Charro, Abaroa, Bernado, Velazquez and others are outstanding.  Most of these came form Nogales or Tijuana.

Again, the men depicted are now long retired or dead, but they live on in these splendid photos.

The passes they identify are still valid and as such this book remains one of the most recommended of bullfight guides, decades after seeing release.

Paulo Hurt

Rejoneador Paulo Ferreira has evidently taken a broken leg and will probably be out of action for some time.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The History Of Bullfighting & Lucha Libre In Juarez Book

If all goes well, from out of Arizona, there will be a new photographic book by Dale Pierce out in winter titled The History of Bullfighting & Lucha Libre In Juarez, covering both the bullfight and pro wrestling in that town from Wild West days to  the present.

Several previously unpublished photos will be made available of Pepe Luis Vazquez, Eduardo Liceaga, Ruben Blanco, Tabaquito, Leopoldo Ramos, Charro Gomez, Mariano  Ramos, Calesero, Fernando Dos Santos, Curro Leal, David Renk, Jesus Solorzano, Eduardo Solorzano, Cagancho, Rocky Moody, Raul Ponce De Leon, Rovira, Queretano and others.

If all goes right.....

Monday, June 9, 2014

El Pana To France

No surprise as he has retired and come back so many times his despedidas have become a bad joke just like Lorenzo Garza did decades before him, but El Pana is back in action.

He will be appearing in France this July.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

California Bloodless Bullfights.

Bloodless bullfight shave started on strong this year in the north of California, where varied empresarios have had compete temporada for years. The animals are not killed or the receptors of banderillas.

A Memorial Day weekend corrida with three rejoneadores drew well. Veteran performer, Joey Correai, led the way in this with some magnificent showings.

On the past years, the people have seen many top performers including Pablo Hermoso, Manolo Moreno, Geno, Ricardo Chibanga, Gustavo Zenkl, Tito Semedo, Vitor Mendes, Fernando Ochoa, Oscar San Roman and the comic, Labita.

San Isidro

This year's San Isidro saw its moments of triumph and tragedy, but is going to be best remembered for the number of gorings that took place. These events overshadowed the feria.

Of the greatest shock and making the international news was the corrida in which all three men were gored, leading to the suspension of the bullfight.

There was also the goring of the son of Maletilla de Oro, a novillero turned banderilleros who lost a leg a quarter century ago from a goring. Miguel Abellan, the son, showed extreme valor in continuing the faena after being gored, giving the presentation of his life.

The Mexican toreros who came to Madrid to advance their reputations live dup to the task.

Contracted rejoneadores also performed with exceptional style.

Still, this year's feria will be remembered for the gorings...and lots of them.