Monday, December 29, 2014

Adamov In Arizona

Erotic bullfight writer D.P. Adamov will be in Tucson and Phoenix sometime in April on a western loop, signing copies of The Long Day Of Revenge . Details soon.

 The book may be ordered via

Anniversary Cartel For Plaza Mexico

Friday, December 26, 2014

Payo Triumphs In Christmas Corrida

Payo emerged as the triunfador of the annual Christmas corrida held in Zacatecas, Mexico this year, winning a total of three ears and leaving on shoulders.

Zotoluco, troubled by his recent hand injury, had difficulties with the steel. He was applauded.

Armillita did not have a good afternoon.

The rejoneador Zenedjas, won a  vuelta.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ricardo Castro

Ricardo Castro was born in Torreon, Mexico in 1941. After a vibrant career as a novillero, that included triumphant showings in Juarez and other plazas in the north, he took the doctorate in his home town in 1967 at the hands of Alfredo Leal. The ritual was confirmed in Plaza Mexico shortly after.

Throughout the 1970s, Castro was a popular torero, especially in Nogales, Tijuana and Juarez on the border. One of his most spectacular showings came in Tijuana in 1970, where eh cut two ears and left on shoulders.

Castro also gave a great showing in Nogales in 1972, alongside Arturo Ruiz Loredo. Loredo cut top awards with 3 ears that day, while Castro took vueltas, losing at least one tail to faulty sword work.

 Castro's worst injury was not a goring, but a blow received in Plaza Mexico during a corrida alongside Lomelin and Paquirri. Kneeling porta gayola to receive his second animal, he was knocked unconscious when the animal gave a wild jump over him and kicked him in the head.

In 1984, Castro added something new to his credit when he appeared in a set of bloodless bullfights in Phoenix Arizona alongside Adan Lozada, Benjamin Morales and Carlos Torres.

Sadly, Castro died a few years back, without the attention truly given to him that he deserved for a long career in front of the bulls.

Feria De Leon

Cartels are announced for the Feria De Leon.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

El Glison In Ecuador

Mexican matador and controversial veteran torero,. El Glison, returns to Ecuador for a festival in January.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Adamov Book Signing

Erotic novelist, D.P. Adamov is tentatively set for a rare book signing during the Valentine's Day weekend in Dover, Ohio at Breadhead Bakery.  Details have yet to be confirmed in specific terms such as times,  for this writer who does not give interviews and makes few public appearances.

For those not in the area, The Long Day Of  Revenge bullfight novel reviewed earlier here and the upcoming Storyteller, which also has a bullfight tale within, are available or int he second case will be soon  at

The Sidney Franklin Collection in NYC

If one is in New York City, try to arrange a visit to the Jewish Historical Society of America at 15 W. 16th St. The Sidney Franklin collection is available for viewing.  A worthwhile look at a matador who was gay, American and Jewish. In Spanish and Latino culture it is a wonder he got anywhere at all.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Marcos Ortega

Mexican aficionados from the late 1970s into the 1980s will remember Marcos Ortega. Footage of him in action survives, though he has been long retired.

 Ortega began a career as a sensational novillero, though his alternativa and confirmation in Mexico City were not spectacular. Nonetheless, he strove on as a matador de toros for many seasons, receiving many contracts in plazas large and small.

Ortega was especially popular in the border towns. He registered a number of triumphs in Juarez, Tijuana and Mexicali. He also took part in a corrida in San Luis Potosi, in a portable ring in the 1980s, alongside Pana. The event was triumphant, but the bid to restore bullfighting to this town on a lasting basis failed.

One of Ortega's finest border town afternoons from a technical standpoint came in Juarez in may of 1980, alongside Eloy Cavazos and Mariano Ramos. Ortega cut no ears due to failed sword work that afternoon, yet everything else was deemed the performance of a life time. His capote work, faenas and especially his banderillas placements were wonderful and had he killed well, he might have cut a tail off both animals. The lack of awards received does not nullify the greatness of the rest of his showing that day.

Some modern aficionados watching old clips of his bullfights, have claimed to see a resemblance in the face between him and evangelist Joel Osteen. Well, maybe.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Colombian Temporada Under Way

In spite of the efforts of anti taurinos in certain cities, the 2014-2015 Colombian temporada is underway once again. Look for an influx of Spanish toreros flocking to the area and to Mexico above now that the 2014 season in Spain has come to a close.

Aside from  the imports, several South American toreros are making cartel for themselves, including Nicolas De San Juan, Bolivar, Guerrita Chico, Moreno Munoz, Santiago Sanchez Mejias, Rafael Orellana, Gustavo Zuniga and more.

The Indultado Book

El Indultado, the book by Manolo  Urena,  continues to sell well within Mexico and with some distribution to  the USA.

The story is gripping. Former Mexican matador, Manolo Urena, tells of his struggles within the bullfighting world and the political problems within, his recovery from a goring in the side of the face that took off part of his ear in one of the most uncanny accidents ever and his shift to flamenco signer following his years spent with the bulls.

The book contains many great photographs that may be entirely appreciated by those who do not read Spanish,  but follow the bullfights.

A worthwhile read, as noted in other blogs here.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Manolo Urena In Los Angeles

Retired matador, Manolo Urena, is visiting Los Angeles this week as part of a promotion of his recent book and that of bullfighting as a cultural phenomenon.

Urena is distinct as the only matador to actually lose an ear to a bull. Early in his career, when appearing in Guatemala, he was toppled with the horn slicing by the side of his head. A goring in the left ear removed a portion of the same.

In spite of the nightmarish wound, Urena returned to the bulls and fought for several years, registering triumphs in Mexico City, Nogales, Juarez, Guadalajara and other plazas. He eventually retired to the safer profession of flamenco singer.

BloodLess Bullfights In California 2014

For three decades, bloodless bullfights have taken place in Northern California in Escalon, Tracy, Turlock, Tulare, Artesia, Thornton, Gustine and other towns. The 2014 temporada saw a lot of action in this set of uncanny corridas in which the bulls were not killed.

In keeping with Portuguese cultural interests, most of the performers were rejoneadores fighting off horseback. Sario Cabral, Joey Correia, Tiago Pamplona and Tiego Carreiras were some of them.

Information on the upcoming 2015 temporada may be found at

Correia, a Californian of Portuguese-American heritage, should be seen once again in several bullfights. A former forcado turned horseman, he has become a mainstay in these bloodless bullfights.

Rumors have it several matadors on foot will also be taking part next season, brought in from Mexico.

Past seasons have seen appearances by many top toreros on foot and horseback, including Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Fernando Ochoa, David Renk, Manalo Moreno, Antonio Portugal, Geno, Jorge Pereira, Ricardo Chibanga, Gustavo Zenkl, Dennis Borba, Armando Soares, Manuel Pinto and Gustavo Garza.

New Pasodoble For Zotoluco

A new pasodoble in homage to Zotoluco was played for the first time in Plaza Mexico recently.

Merida Taurina

Yucatan ahs always been a remote part of Mexico. The indigenous population, the jungles, the heat and the earthquakes have made it a unique place to be sure.  Yucatan ahs also been a curse to some toreros as over the years there have been various fatalities, not always due to the nature of the goring itself, but to the lack of good medical treatment. Some small plazas do not even have infirmaries.

There are also a number of toreros who fight   exclusively in Yucatan. Such would be the case of El Tio, an aging, rotund little novillero who died from a goring in the lung a while ago.

Merida is working hard to restore whatever bad reputation Yucatan has gotten over the years, with a number of corridas featuring top toreros belong brought in. In a recent venture, Diego Silveti made the paseo.

More corridas are being planned for 2015. Merida is becoming a hot bed for bullfighting in the area. The aficionados are forming clubs and taking the taurine atmosphere very seriously. More major toreros are expected to perform upcoming.

Look for big things in Merida.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Bloody Nogales

Three times in the old Nogales bullring, more than one torero ended up being taken out on the same cartel. Clearly, the ring could be bad luck for toreros.

The first time occurred in 1958 when Benjamin Lopez Esqueda was gored by a  Romeral bull while performing gaoneras in a quite. Seconds afterward, Luis Briones, depicted below, took the bull away from him and received a massive goring in the lower back that came close to killing him. Both men spent considerable time in the hospital before being brought back to Nogales for as "revenge fight" with Romeral bulls.

The second such incident took place in 1963, when Tomas Abaroa and El Callao were both gored, while a picador took a horn in the foot and photographer Blair Grant was likewise gored when the bull jumped the fence and caught him off guard. The third matador on the cartel, Pablo Lozano, was almost gored as well, but escaped with having his pants ripped open by the bull.

The third time took place in 1987, when Jose Maria Gonzalez "Joselito" received a serious blow to the chest in a novillada and had to be rushed to the hospital, while Silviano Tanori, who made the rescue, slipped seconds afterward and broke his arm when he fell.

With the ignorant ban on bullfighting in Sonora, the Nogales ring now sits silent. For how long is anyone's guess.

Javier Benjumea

A few decades ago, the now deceased matador de toros, Pedrin Benjumea, was a respected matador de toros, known for extreme valor and for spectacular adornos such as taking the horn tip in his teeth a la Dominguin. In modern times the tradition continues in the form of one of his sons, Javier.

Born in Madrid, Javier Benjumea put out an exceptional career as novillero, making appearances in many of the important plazas, as well as the pueblos. This provoked the interest of the aficion, as well as the writers and empresarios, while under the guidance of former matador, Angel Teruel.

Benjumea took the alternative in Ecija in 2oo9 at the hands of Sebastian Cortes and Julio "Cordobes"

He continues to bring dignity and recognition to the Benjumea name. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Moreno Munoz

Moreno Munoz out of Bogota, Colombia continues to be a rising torero in the tradition of  Pepe Cacares, Puno and Joselito De Colombia, who were past stars from this region. Having already established himself in Spain, in spite of a serious goring here a few seasons ago, he is fast on the way to becoming a start of international renown.

In his native land and other South American countries, he has likewise established a name for himself and is recognized as one of the true hopefuls to become a figure in bullfighting.

It will be interesting to see what this South American season, now underway, brings for him.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Christmas greetings. Feliz Navidad 2014.

Hilda Tenorio In DF

Hilda Tenorio, the popular matadora de toros, returns to Plaza Mexico December 28.

More Colors Of Death

Colors of trajes worn on days of fatal gorings.

Luis Farfan dark red & black
Carpio purple & gold
Morenito De Valencia black & gold
Varelito gooseberry & gold
Zorro purple & gold
Jose Falcon dark blue & gold
Saleri green & silver
Pepete pink & gold
Huevatero gooseberry & gold
Pepe Caceres pink & silver
Antonio De Castillo yellow & silver
Ernesto Pastor white & gold
Corchaito blue & gold
Ricardo Lopez white & gold
Gavira purple & gold
Carratala green & gold
Llusio green & silver
Manolo Cortes green & gold

Atarfeno blue & silver

Fernando Dos Santos In Nogales New Release Date

A new release date for Fernando Dos Santos In Nogales is set for December  22.  Coming from Lulu.

The book will feature the corrida with Lomelin in 1969 where Dos Santos took his goring in the neck, his 1970 corridas with El Silverio and Solórzano, his 1971 corridas with Solórzano again and his 1972 endeavors.

Pizarro In DF

Federico Pizarro, the veteran Mexican matador, returns to the Plaza Mexico in the capital this Sunday.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Big Tijuana Season for 2015?

After a couple of lackluster years and cutbacks in number of corridas, there is gossip in the wind that the 2015 Tijuana bullfight season may be scene  to something big.

Aside from the regulars who have been seen on a regular basis such as  as  the past few seasons, such as Pepe Hillo,  Amaya, Zotoluco  and the like, there is talk for Spaniards to return.

Among those mentioned would be El Juli, the Spanish ace of aces. A former boy wonder and now a veteran torero, Juli reportedly loves the Tijuana ring and crowd.

Another name mentioned is Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza, the masterful ace of rejoneadores.  Several seasons ago, in a  corrida alongside Rafael Ortega and Zapata, Mendoza cut ears and tail in one of the finest demonstrations of rejoneo ever seen in this city.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Triumph For Antonio Prates

Another Mexican triumph for the young Portuguese rejoneador, Antonio Prates, in Acambay, Mexico this past weekend, in which he cut ears and left on the shoulders of the crowd.

Prates has put together a remarkable string of triumphs since making his Mexican presentation several months ago.

A Photo That Needs No Caption

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jose Manuel Tirado

Seldom do picadores get their due in bullfighting. despised by the tourists and underappreciated by the bulk of the aficion, they perform a needed task. If one dies in the ring via a fall or a goring, he is at least listed on the black chronicle of fatalities forever, which to an extent assures his remembrance. Chofer, Veneno, Jose Bruno, Pica, Tigre and so on remain some of these unfortunates.  There are others who lived and made a name for themselves, such as Sixto Vazquez, Tarzan, Venus Pacheco, Tin Tan, Jesus Gomez  and Pimpi, but again they are few and far between.

Jose Manuel Tirado of Sevilla is a picador who is gaining respect among the multitudes by plying his trade. He has also earned a spot here. He has been seen in recent years in all the major festivals and a regular at San Isidro in Madrid, as well as the annual April feria in Sevilla. 

Away from the ring, he remains a modest man of diverse interests and likes to play Zoo World on his Facebook account.

Too often, the picador is ignored or unjustly jeered in the ring. On occasion, one stands out as exemplary in his work. Tirado is one such person.

Death Of Corralito

Retired matador, Fernando Corral "Corralito" has passed away in the United States. His body is being transferred now to Mexico for burial.

Corralito was more known for a tragedy outside the bullring than in it, when all of his earnings and property were destroyed in a tragic house fire years ago.

Not only did he recover from the tragic loss of property and memories, but penned a book about the subject and his up and down career in front of the bulls.

QEPD, torero.   

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fernando Dos Santos In Nogales Nears Release

The new book from Lulu Publishing, Fernando Dos Santos in Nogales by Dale Pierce, is expected to be available for orders in book and ebook form by Christmas. Watch for details soon.

The book covers the campaign of the Portuguese torero, Fernando Dos Santos in Nogales, which was his stronghold during a lengthy Mexican run. 

In this border bullring, he had 7 spectacular corridas between 1969 and 1972, winning a total of 12 ears, 2 tails and a hoof, the Golden ear trophy and also took a near fatal goring in the neck.

Though Dos Santos is the focal point, other toreros making appearances in the text include Pepe Luis Vazquez, Antonio Lomelin, Mauro Liceaga, Jesus Solórzano, Joel Tellez and more.  

Details to follow.

Zotoluco Out Of Action

Mexican matador, Zotoluco, will be out of action due to a broken hand and miss various corridas, including one upcoming alongside Payo in Merida.

D.P. Adamov Heads West

Having tired of the Michigan winter, erotic writer D.P. Adamov, author of the recent erotic bullfight novel, The Long Day Of Revenge, has announced plans to give up on the Midwest and head westward.  Prior to leaving, a second book titled Storyteller, with a bullfight story within, will also be released.

Adamov plans to focus on an annual erotic book and film fest held in Portland, Oregon every year, plus do possible book signing sessions in Tijuana, Mexicali and at bloodless bullfights in the north of California.

The Long Day Of Revenge deals with a rising Mexican matador and his confrontation with a bull named Gaditano, which results in one of the most dramatic bullfights ever written about in bullfighting novels, coming in behind only the climatic corridas in The Brave Bulls by Tom Lea and Matador by Conrad.

If one is not offended by erotica, the book offers a great bullfight tale.

Both The Long Day Of Revenge & the upcoming Storyteller may be ordered from

Zotoluco In Mexico City

On November 30, Zotoluco, Mexico's ageing veteran star, appeared in an encerrona in Plaza Mexico, adding his name to the list alongside Manolo Capetillo, Manolo Martinez and a rare number of others who accomplished this feat. Acting as lone matador, he faced and killed six bulls himself.

The corrida was a triumph for the torero, dressed in a new black & gold traje for the occasion. He left the ring with two ears to his credit.