Thursday, January 8, 2015


The bullfight world has seen God knows how many novilleros come and go, but no one can deny the   are the hope for the future. Sometimes, they live up tot heir potential and become great matadores. Others die before taking the alternativa, such as the ill-fated Mexican, Esteban Garcia or the Spaniard, Angel Soria. Some still, never become full matadores  de toros, but coast as novilleros and do have long careers. One can never tell 100 percent what the future will hold for sure, but sometimes it can be predicted with relative accuracy. At other times, not so much, for fate can be tricky.

Ignacio Olmos is a promising novillero in Spain right now, still new at his profession, but with considerable style and artistic mastery that  could be developed with experiences, good management and  some luck.

This new torero from Toledo, Spain could become someone to really keep an eye on if he continues on his existing path.

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