Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Bullfight As Erotica

There has been some controversy over the recent D.P. Adamov book, The Long Day of revenge, which while a great bullfight tale on one hand, is ripe with erotica offensive to some. Information on the book may be found at and the author's Blog page is at

Criticism oft he book may be overdoing it when knocking the weird S/M features and sex scenes. granted, they are plentiful, but it is not like a first here.

Anyone recall the films from Spain, Matador and Talk To Her? Both were saturated in sexual innuendos. I mean the initial shock scene in the opening of Matador, with Diego masturbating to horror films rather than porn sticks out like, well....

In any case, these films offended plenty and the offense helped the producers make money. Everyone bitched about them, but subsequently wanted to see them.  

Going back even further in the 1970s, Charro Gomez successfully sued a porno producer who sliced  in scenes from his faenas in Tijuana, in use for a pron film.

Then we have the "dirty books tore" books of the 19690s and 1950s such as Corrida Of Sin, Matador Of Shame, Manana, El Cordobes and the worst oft he worst, La Tarantula, in which the author sued the bullfight as a sub theme while nothing about it made sense and even made the glowing error of assuming tarantulas were poisonous when they were not.

Going back more still, one could even contend Blood & Sand to be erotic for its time. The themes of infidelity and the moral lessons within were pretty taboo in the era of Vicente Blasco Ibanez and they had not improved much with the attitudes when the films came out. 

But, sex and controversy makes for sales.

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