Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Vicente Esparza was born in Aguascalientes in 1943 and spent decades as one of the most capable of Mexican banderilleros.

He still makes his home in Aguascalientes.

In the past Aguascalientes has given birth to many matadores and banderilleros who were recognized for their work with the barbs. Jesus Delgadillo "Estudiante",  Carlos Gonzalez, Jose Maria Gonzalez "Joselito", Miguel "Armillita" and Juan Gallo would be some of them.

Vicente Esparza ranks high also, as one of the most capable of banderilleros ever, possibly equal to many of the matadores de toros he worked with in the cuadrilla.

In this blog we give brief and long overdue recognition to him for his services to la fiesta brava.

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