Saturday, May 30, 2015


Many great toreros have come from the Monterrey area. Raul Garcia, Cavazos, the Zambranos, Manolo Martinez, Mauro Liceaga, Garza, etc....

Also from Monterrey is a promising novillero, Cayetano Delgado.

Oddly, Delgado made his debut int he suit of lights not in Mexico, but in a bloodless bullfight in Texas promoted by the Renk family a few years ago. He has since become a regular at these bloodless bullfights.

Delgado has also been seen within the Mexican interior on a regular basis recently. He had a novillada in Saltillo a while back that was well received.

There are, as always, a number of confident new toreros on the scene right now. How many of them will make it to the top sir always speculative, but Delgado has the willingness, courage and ability to do so.

Keep an eye on him. You may soon see great things.

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