Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Often, the banderilleros go unaccredited in the bullfight, as faceless, nameless men who ply their trade and little more. Sometimes., however, such an individual makes a name for himself and becomes as recognized as his employer.  There are a few such men. Alfredo Acosta, Curro Alvarez and Paco Ruiz would be some. Also would be Paco Duarte of Portugal.

Present in the cuadrilla of Telles, this banderillero  has become recognized as one of the specialists in his field. Knowledgeable beyond description as to the characteristics of different bulls, magnificent with the barbs and  a charismatic individual by all accounts, he is presently recognized as one of the most capable of banderilleros in Europe.

Whenever you see this man in action it is a pleasure to watch.

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