Monday, May 26, 2014

Miguel Freg

Much has been said about the two men killed in Mexico last week. Yet history is full of many toreros who gave their lives for the art, but have faded from memory.

One such man would be the late Miguel Freg.

Freg went to Spain with the intent of advancing his career as a novillero and afterwards hoping to take the alternativa back in Mexico.

Things did not work as he hoped.

When he placed the sword in his bull in an all-important Madrid presentation, he was tossed and as he hit the sand, the bull caught him again, goring him in the neck.

The injured torero managed to rise to his feet with his hands on  his throat, take a few faltered steps and collapse.

The banderilleros rushed him to the infirmary where hasty attempts were made to stop the blood flow, but the wound was too extensive. He died a few minutes after being removed from  the ring.

Sadly, his death had repercussions as when she received word of his passing, the novillero's girlfriend shot herself.

Miguel Freg was the brother of Luis Freg, a matador who received  over 50 gorings in his career, yet died in a boating accident.

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