Friday, May 16, 2014

Intestinal Gorings

Intestinal gorings were once the dread of bullring surgeons, at least until advent of penicillin, as the peritonitis that would set in proved fatal to many.

Joselito, Angel Castejon, Casarubbios, El Zorro, Joaquin Camino, Gavira, Malla  and several others died from wounds of this nature. Especially before modern medical techniques were available, a wound of this nature could spell disaster.

Such was not  always the case, again thanks to the advent of penicillin.

Arturo Ruiz Loredo, Antonio Lomelin, Fernando Cruz, Benjamin Lopez Esqueda, Chilolin, Raul Galindo, Rodolfo Palafox  and Benjamin Morales all took serious intestinal horn wounds that would have proved fatal further back in history, but returned to the bulls as good as new.

No wonder outside the bullring in Madrid, there is a monument to Dr. Fleming, who discovered penicillin.

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