Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gustavo Zuniga

Gustavo Zuniga, un torero Colombiano desde Cali! Gustavo Zuniga, maestro de las banderillas! Gustavo Zuniga, torerazo!

Colombia has produced outstanding toreros in the past, such as Rincon and Caceres. One might want to add Gustavo Zuniga to the list as well.

Zuniga comes from Cali, Colombia, where he also makes his home.

One of Zuniga's strongest points remains his work with the banderillas. In this phase of the bullfight, he is as capable as anyone else in the profession or better. At times, when he tries to designate the placing of the sticks to the banderilleros, the public hoots and demands he take the barbs himself as is his tradition and do the honors.  The South Americans have long been masters of this act. Take for example, the late Giron Family, Bernardo Valencia and Angel Sublaran from neighboring Venezuela. All were avowed masters at placing the frilled sticks.  Of the toreros form this continent, Zuniga remains the new master.

Zuniga also remains an excellent muletero and a deadly killer with the sword.

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