Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When Bob Bell Fought A Bull

Bob Bell was a local celebrity in the Phoenix area, long before he wrote his magnificently illustrated Wild West books and became editor for True West magazine. On a national level, few know of his early days as  cartoonist for New Times and other Valley of the Sun publications.

Few people also know of the time he fought a bull...of sorts.

In the late 1980s, a bloodless bullfight was held in Scottsdale, with the novilleros Gabriel Melendez and Felix Pena.

Bell also made an appearance doing a comedy act as he faced a small heifer not of toro bravo stock.

While he was not exactly Cantinflas, Bell did provide some hilarious moments, including where he illustrated the matador calling tot he bull...by use of a megaphone.

Things did not end well, as Bell ended up hurting his leg in the course of the action.

Ad a torero...Bell made a very good writer. let us put it that way.

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