Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Return Of Soro

He is far heavier than he once was. he has bad knees. he is no spring chicken as one would say in English. Due to thee factors, some seriously questioned the decision of Vicente Ruiz "Soro" to return to the ring. Granted, the experience factor was there, having been a matador de toros for over 2 decade, but would age hinder or destroy him? From his return corrida onward, Soro proved the scoffers wrong. He continues to do so even now, as he is set to headline the big Feria  De Las Fallas in Valencia upcoming.

No longer able to kneel in front of the big gate as he once did to start his performance due to his knees, he instead goes puerta gayola, sitting in a  chair. The impact is still there.

His work with the banderillas with the same skill and flash as when he was young. His trademarked spinning run toward the bull is as exciting as always.

With the muleta, he is as daring and dominating as ever. Some contend with the years of experience added on, he is even better in this act now than when younger.

He kills like, well....a hawk.

In all regards, Soro has broken the age barriers and made the comeback of a lifetime. The march is on and the triumphs have continued to come.

Soro has shown determination, dedication and valor worthy of the title of matador de toros more than anyone.

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