Thursday, February 11, 2016

Julian Paez

The bullring makes men out of boys in short order. In the past,many top toreros started as child bullfighters, facing calves, before graduating to novillos and then toros.

El Yiyo, Lucio Sandon, Julian Maestro, Payo, Juli, Eloy Cavazos, Manolo Mejia, Joselito Bienvenida, Jose "Gallito" and Luis Miguel Dominguin all started as child bullfighters before moving through the ranks.

Meet Julian Jose Paez, another very young torero who ahs started with calves and has worked his way up to novillos. Well on the path to stardom, it will be interesting to watch as he ages, gains more experience and develops into a seasoned torero.

Already showing exceptional style with capote and muleta, Paez has also shown great skill in placing the banderillas.

This young man should go places if he continues to improve and keeps on his current path.

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