Saturday, February 27, 2016

Give Belmonte A Visit

When in Sevilla, Spain, be sure to visit the grave of the legendary Juan Belmonte. he rests within the San Fernando Cemetery, under a modern art type tomb that looks like a distorted black piano, very near the graves of Joselito and Paquirri

Belmonte suffered over 50 gorings in his career, but died by his own hand, shooting himself when as an old man, his health was failing him. .

The legendary torero survives in film, book and song.  From his great rivalry with Joselito to his last days as a breeder of bulls, the bullfight remained an integral part of his life and he, a key contributor to the art form.

His autobiography, Juan Belmonte, Killer Of Bulls, remains one of the most interesting books ever written by or about a bullfighter. This is of course just one of a multitude of books in which he appears, in a variety of languages.

Belmonte may also be readily seen from old movie clips on You Tube.

Two pasodobles, Juan Belmonte and la Vuelta De Juan Belmonte, are still heard in Spanish bullrings, which were composed decades ago in his honor.

It is all but impossible to pick up a book or watch a dvd on the history of bullfighting without finding him at least mentioned.

So if you are ever in Sevilla, be sure to visit San Fernando and pay your respects to this icon of toreros

QEPD, maestro.


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