Monday, April 2, 2012

Lazaro Mayoral

I first saw Lazaro Mayoral in 1989 when in Spain, training at the Vidrie ranch and then in a novillada sin picadores  in Guadalajara (There is a Guadalajara in Spain as well as Mexico).

In this novillada, he excelled with a capote and the banderillas, with the notable placement of a pair of cortos. He also gave an inspired faena and cut an ear.

He spent varied years as a novillero and  put together a number of triumphs, but like many in an i overcrowded profession, did not find the backing to become the figura it was hoped he would be, though he remained a fine journeying torero.

Mayoral eventually left the trade as a novillero to become a notable banderillero.

He presently makes his home in Pinto, south of Madrid.

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