Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Masters Of The Weird

Masters Of the Weird is not a fancy book and is not on bullfighting itself, but something I designed to sell at lectures or horror film fests.

It may be ordered at

Lugosi, Ed Wood, Karloff, Rathbone, Naschy, DeOssorio, Morricone, Goblin, Jiohn Ireland, Dillman, Davis, Piquer. They are all here.

There ism, however, some bullfighting material.

There is a long profile on Guillermo Capetillo and his acting as well as bullfighting.

There is a bio on the late Mario Cabre.

Sections devoted to the cast of the Indy film, Museo Taurino,  abound.

There is a bio on the late Laird Cregar, the corrupt critic Natlio Curro in the one Blood & Sand film.

There is a section on the late Nacho Martinez who played Diego Montes in Matador.

Not a bullfight book, but enough bullfight material for most aficionados.

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