Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Manolo Arruza Book

The story of Manolo Arruza as told for the first time in English in the book, Manolo Arruza, orderable at for $10.65 and mailing.

The book is not the fanciest, but contains loads of data and materiel not covered in book form before, while offering a look at one of Mexico's most beloved toreros.

Sections include chapters on the lives of Carlos and Manolo Arruza, plus accounts of Manolo's varied corridas.

The corridas accounted for include the Siete Grandes and Golden Sword corridas from Texcoco in the 1980s, the presentation of Arruza in Nogales alongside Gilio, a Tijuana corrida with Mayito, Arruza and Sanchez, the indulto of Buen Amigo, another older Tijuana corrida with Arruza, Rafaelillo and Leduc, plus the Mexico City Despedida.

There is also a section on the Capetillos. Guillermo and Manuel are half-brothers to Manolo Arruza.

Worth having.

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