Friday, December 16, 2011

The Museo Taurino In Madrid

There are many fine bullfighting museums in  Spain, Mexico and South America. One of the most established and finest in all the world, however, is at the museo taurino in Las Ventas in Madrid.

In many ways it is a monument to death. One finds the suit of lights worn by Manolete on the day of his death and the torn blue and gold traje Pepe Mata wore when he took his fatal goring. There are the suits worn by the banderilleros, Mariano Alarcon and Coli on the days they took mortal wounds, with the former hooked in the intestines and the later hooked in the heart. A vest worn by Joselito on the day of his death is also on display, but the rest of the suit was shredded in a mad dash to remove his clothes and prepare the matador for surgery, which was never needed, for he died within minutes of reaching the table.

There are the mounted heads of numerous bulls who either killed toreros or provided exemplary faenas.

There is the death mask of Frascuelo. A death mask of Carlos Arruza may also be seen.

There are artifacts of El Gallo, Belmonte, Bienvenida, Bejarano and others.

There are numerous carteles and oil paintings.

There are busts and sculptures.

The magnificent museum is a must see for any aficioando.

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