Sunday, March 3, 2013

Carlos Sulbaran

Venezuela has produced some great toreros in the past. Morenito De Maracay, the Giron family and maybe even Bernardo Valencia. The tradition continues in the form of Carlos Sulbaran. if he continues to improve, he may well go down as one of the best after all is said and done.

Born in Merida, Venezuela in December of 1994, Sulbaran graduated from the local escuela taurina as one of their most promising of students. he has since kept up the pace.

Early novilladas saw him exhibit a complex style, mingling kneeling passes with slow and pure artistic work..

He has not allowed the pace to falter.

San Cristobal has been the scene for some of his best showings to date, impressing the aficion in this town and the critics as well.

Again, keep an eye on Sulbaran as he continues to improve and hopefully triumph.

He is a great promise for the future.

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