Friday, February 24, 2012

Museo Taurino! The Film.

Museo Taurino  is a low budget DVD filmed by a company in Ohio. Orders may be taken via the producer, Jeff Stoll, by writing or found by various distributors online. There are some web pages devoted to the same as well and some trailers on You Tube.

The film revolves around a crazed father who suffers through the death of a novillero  son and subsequent suicide of his life, which drive him mad. He lashes out against those who in his eyes are the blame for the death of his son in the ring and lures them to their death by inviting them to see his Museo Taurino or  bullfight museum. In truth there is no museum, but only a kill room.

The movie shows the killer, Don Guillermo, working up to the day where he tarps and kills Don Carlos, a young bullfighting author, though it is not established until the very end why the madman has targeted this victim.

He reveals his reason and does him in with a pair of mounted bull horns.

There is lengthy bullfighting action in the opening and end title, as well as a long (too long) and surreal dream sequence. One is able to make out clips of a number of Mexican and Spanish toreros, off of old archive movie film. One might pick up Curro Rivera, Alfredo Leal and some other deceased figuras by looking closely.

The film was made on a shoestring budget that would make Ed Wood look rich, so it is NOT great by any means, though it is creative. It is also not a bullfighting movie int he truest sense of the word, but a horror film.

There is a My Space page for this movie at and coverage of it, both pro and con on varied web pages and internet review pages.

Worth adding to any taurine collection just for the novelty element. Not a great DVD, but not a horrid one either.

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