Friday, February 10, 2012


Paulo Jorge Ferreira was born in Azambuja in Portugal and trained under the late cavaleiro, Zoio, to learn the art of rejoneo. On the Portuguese bullrings he found a good amount of success, both in the large and small plazas. The odd  part is, he would find his greatest triumphs elsewhere.

A few years ago, Ferreira appeared in a set fo bloodless bullfigths in the nroth fo California, where for many years now, they have offered complete toemproadas un the Portuiguese-American communities. Bulls fof ightign syock atre used, toreros pergorm and a series of small bullrigns have been built. In keeping with American law, the bulls do not face pciadadores, do not receive banderillas and are not sworded.

 The new form of bullfighting, placing rejones with Velcro rather than barbs to not penetrate the bull was unusual for this cavalier at first, but he caugth on quickly, as well as having to adapt to the circumference of much smaller bullrings. 

 Ferreira found so much success in the USA, he decided to stay, where he makes his current home in Hilmar, California.

 Though he has gained the recognition of being a "Bullfighter For The United States" in the Iberian press, he still contends to make trips and performances in Spain, as well as his native Portugal.

It is just that he has found such overwhelming popularity in the USA, in this uncanny form of bloodless bullfighting, that it seems unwise to change a good thing.

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