Monday, July 11, 2016

Cristian Aparicio

Cristian Aparicio is a fiery Mexican torero who ahs come a long wa since making his debut in  Xochimilco several years ago.

Aparicio took the alternativa in 1999 in Ciudad Guadalupe at the hands of Manolo Mejia and confirmed the ritual in plaza Mexico at the hands of Antonio Urrutia in 2004.

Aparicio ahs made a name for himself in México  as a skilled and artistic performer, known for his ability with both the capote and muleta. He is also better than average with the sword. He has built a following both within the interior and on the Mexican border, with  note to Tijuana, where his brand of performing thrilled the aficion form both sides of the Mexican/American line.

Aparicio was born in Mexico City and still resides there. .

He is no relation tot he bullfighting Aparicio family from Spain.

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