Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Manolo Martinez Book/Meet Dale Pierce Saturday

Meet Dale Pierce at Orca Books in Olympia, Wa this Saturday night at 6 pm, signing copies of the book, Manolo Martinez.

Those interested in the book, but unable to attend may find it here.

While much has been written in Spanish about the moody and controversial Mexican maestro,  this is perhaps the only work in English about him.

The book includes a look at the controversial figura from start to finish. Chapters include his corrida in Mexicali with Camino & Antonio Lomelin and a triumphant Tijuana event with Curro Leal and Ruiz Loredo in complete summary, a look at his years as a novillero following a set of triumphs in Guadalajara, selected results of his corridas, his Mexico City triumphs, a look at his rivals and more....

An offbeat and unique look at one of bullfighting's most enigmatic of figures.

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