Thursday, November 5, 2015

Matadores Book Signings For Dale Pierce In The Northwest

Author Dale Pierce will be doing a set of lectures on bullfighting and book signings this winter in the Washington/Oregon area. Info at

Featured will be matadores, the history of the old Plaza Monumental in Juarez, in English.  The book may also be ordered at . 

Matadores features never before published photos of Fernando Dos Santos, Cordobes, Eloy Cavazos, Silverio Perez, Francisco Doddoli, Fabian Ruiz, Jesus Solórzano, Guillermo Montez Sortibran and more.

The above all have large biographies in the text, as do Alfredo Leal, Antonio Ordonez, Luis Procuna, Calesero, the Armillitas, Antonio Urrutia, Queretano, Caceres, the Giron brothers, Manolo Martinez, Mariano Ramos, Francisco Ruiz Miguel, Gaston Santos, David Renk, the Arruzas, the Silvetis, Garza, Rafaelillo, Curro Rivera, Garcia Higaras, Jaime Rangel, Miguel Villanueva, Pepe Hurtado, Leonardo Manzano, Rogelio Leduc, Bernardo Valencia,  Pablo Hermoso, Manolo Dos Santos, Rafael Rodriguez, Ricardo Castro and many, many others.

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