Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bloody Pamplona

Many veterans of Pamplona and the bull run have been disgruntled by the events of this year's San Fermin. Critics who have gone there fro years defined it as the "worst" set of runs ever. Reasons include too many drunks and hung over people, excessive crowd and twice as many runners with few knowing what they are doing. .

The runs were constant disasters, most vividly seen by a bottleneck that had men and bulls literally trapped on top of each other. The similarity to a cork in a bottle might do.

One of the worst gorings came at the height of the fiesta when one horribly misguided runner took a goring that was so severe it led to the amputation of an arm

The professional corridas, however, were up to par with Padilla and others excelling..

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