Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Antonio Prates

Child bullfighters are nothing new. Manolo Mejia, Eloy Cavazos and even Manolete fought as children on foot. Off of horseback there was Arturo Ruiz Loredo and his sisters in the 1960s. (Ruiz Loredo later went to perform as a matador on foot when his sisters retired and then went back to rejoneo). There was Fonton in the 1980s. Now  there is Antonio Prates, a young rejoneador from Vendas Novas, Portugal  who started gaining acclaim at  the age of 12.

As he grows older and refines himself  great things should come from this cavaleiro, who already has shown mastership equal to that of many veterans in the profession. Already appearing numerous times in his native Portugal and becoming much in demand, great things should be in store for him.

Antonio Prates is a name to keep an eye on.

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