Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Freddy Villafuerte

Freddy Vilalfuerte was born in Peru in 1963 and has become an institution within that country as a torero and an empresario.

In the early 1980s he ventured to Spain as a novillero and caused a reasonable sensation within many of the rings where he appeared. This would lead to many contracts in years to come in both the pueblos and major plazas.

With the Spanish triumphs on record, he returned to his native Peru, fought more, then took the alternativa in Lima at the hands of Galan and Nino De la Capea. Though he performed brilliantly with the muleta, misses with the sword lost the ears.

Continued trips to Spain, this time as a matador de toros, saw him well-received as well. He liekwise built cartel throughout Latin America, though his stronghold was and always will be considered his native Peru.

In his many years as a matador, he would make continual appearances in Lima.

Though Roca Rey may be considered the top torero at the moment in peru, Villafuerte has traditionally been accepted  as an endearing and long -lasting figura.

Away from the bulls, he enjoys traveling with his family, as well as fonton and soccer.

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