Monday, May 21, 2012

Dale'sTales-Expanded Version

I have done an expanded version of my Dale's Tales book, designed mainly to sell at lectures I do on varied topics, which may be ordered on Lulu at now

The book consists of a number of blog-like chapters on a variety of things ranging from bullfights to making garlic bread.

There is an offbeat number of topics to be found,. The Erie Railroad in Akron, Fallon's   amusement park, wrestlign at the Pheonix Madison Square Garden, high school memories, adventures with a number of stupid people I have encountered over the years, movie commentaries and more. I added several new segments recently which make the book longer and more interesting it so I hope.

Bullfighting material abounds. There is a story on a near miss I had at a capea, a lengthy profile on the Silveti family, accounts of how my books came to be, a lament on the downfall of the Plaza Monumental in Juarez and more. The death of the legendary Pepete, the San Fernando Cemetery, the bullfighting museum in Madrid, a look at the corrida in South America, the comic torero Tin Tin, the life of Dominguin and more are included.

There is also a piece on the making of Museo Taurino from my short story in Bullring to a low budget, in fact no budget dvd.

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