Thursday, October 15, 2015

Miguel Maestro

The nephew of ex-matador de toros, author and one if Spain's legendary banderilleros, Julian Maestro, is on the campaign trail and provoking the attention of the critics in several plazas.

Miguel Maestro has shown amazing timing with the big capote ands the muleta, for being relatively new in the bullfighting world.

The critics and Spanish aficionados agree that he has showing true promise thus far and could develop into a figura one day with a bit of luck.

Miguel's uncle, Julian, was part of the graduating class of the bullfight school in Madrid in the late 1970s, alongside El Yiyo and Lucio Sandin.  From uncle to nephew, the tradition continues.

Keep an eye on the new Maestro who will one day become, wait for it...wait for it as you have to see what is coming.,...a maestro!

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