Monday, September 21, 2015

Weirdo: The Dvd With Unlikely Bullfight Footage.

Weirdo is a surreal Indy dvd orderable fairly reasonably at

Essentially, the product is two hours of stock footage set to weird sound effects and music, designed to show what is going on in a "Weirdo's" head. the film is played for laughs and generally designed to make views wonder "What  the..."

"We wanted to make the worst film in hsotpory commented co-producer Marvin "Bloody Marvin" Fallon.  "The idea came form this really bad record from the 1960s called John & Marsha which consisted of a man and a woman babbling each other's names. It was garbage, but people went nuts for the thing. Thus, we decided to throw together everything we could think of and put it put as a joke, in a "This is Horrible" format just to get controversy and sales. The film is best watched drunk. We even intentionally misspelled Weirdo in the credits." 

Film clips include the long demolished Erie railroad station in downtown Akron, Ohio, varied amusement parks either gone or still existing, downtown Lisbon, Portugal, waterfalls, a drooling St Bernard in close-up, old steam engine displays, airplanes, garbage cans and more.

Yet for bullfighting fans there are a few truly rare action scenes thrown in that unintentionally might interest the aficion.

First, there are glimpses of the late Finito on action in what appears to be Juarez, off of movie film. One appreciates the fury of the late matador with both big capote and muleta, as he goes out for glory or the oil cloth, just like in the old cliché.

There is also footage of the late Spaniard, Paco Pallares from Spain in Nogales, Mexico, giving an interesting faena. Pallares was better known as a ganadero and empresario than as a matador. In the  1960s, he started great guns as a novillero, but a near fatal goring in the neck in Madrid took much out of him.

Action footage of either man is quite hard to find and thus the dvd might be worth a purchase by aficionados.

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