Monday, July 20, 2015

Bloody San Fermin

Every year, the newscasters seem to insist the year's bull running days in Pamplona have seen an abnormally high amount of gorings. This year, they have done so again and as usual, they are not especially correct.

Granted, there were many gorings, but nothing out of the ordinary for this feria. When you have the popularity of the bull run growing every year, with drunks and novices who have no clue getting involved, there will of course be injuries.

There was one extraordinary incident this year. A bull became divided from the herd and "turned back" or started backward on the street on his own. The animal ended up goring nine people and because he had "learned Latin" or discovered human targets,  he was not used in the actual corrida.

While the press has hyped things up, in truth there were a number of horn wounds, but nothing exceptionally terrible,  as other years have been worse

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