Monday, June 2, 2014

San Isidro

This year's San Isidro saw its moments of triumph and tragedy, but is going to be best remembered for the number of gorings that took place. These events overshadowed the feria.

Of the greatest shock and making the international news was the corrida in which all three men were gored, leading to the suspension of the bullfight.

There was also the goring of the son of Maletilla de Oro, a novillero turned banderilleros who lost a leg a quarter century ago from a goring. Miguel Abellan, the son, showed extreme valor in continuing the faena after being gored, giving the presentation of his life.

The Mexican toreros who came to Madrid to advance their reputations live dup to the task.

Contracted rejoneadores also performed with exceptional style.

Still, this year's feria will be remembered for the gorings...and lots of them.

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