Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Dirty Bullfight Book????

Pink Flamingo Publishing has announced plans for the upcoming release of what laymen in the world of the bulls might best define as a dirty bullfight book. While the publisher might frown on this term, it might best describe the content of their upcoming The Long Day Of Revenge.

Pink Flamingo is known for producing fetish books. This is the first time they have dabbled with a bullfighting sub-plot.

Granted, other erotic fiction (the preferred term) published in decades gone by from others, such as Manana, El Cordobes, The Magnificent Maricon and the dreadful La Tarantula, have all left much to be desired. The newcomer/author Douglas Adamov ir D P Adamov as he is listed in the title seems to know, going by the prerelease demos/review editions sent out, at least heads more than previous authors dealing with the bullfight.

The bullfighting concept within would make a great taurine novel on its own. An aspiring novillero is badly gored on a ranch at a tienta by a young bull and from his death bed vows if he lives, to one day kill the offending animal. Then, as he does not die, but lives,  a new goal is formed. Asking the rancher not to destroy the beast, the torero spends the next three years obsessed with killing this particular bull. Driven to the point of madness,  he is threatened with losing everything, including his marriage and his life, as he builds toward the fateful day when he and the toro will face each other. renting the Nogales bullring and acting as lone matador/empresario so he is assured to face his dreaded enemy, a battle to end all battle begins. Yet in the end, his victory is taken form him, when out of the blue, the crowd petitions for an indulto or pardon to be granted, Not to be bested, the matador holds up his sword and offers it to the crowd, as the protests mount, indicating he will kill this bull in spite of any objections. Then, as he lines up with the blade,  reality sinks in. He hurls the sword to the sand and the two killers, one man and one beast, go their respective ways. From the midst of death, new life is found for both.

That is the bullfighting end if it.

From an erotic end, the story deals with the deranged matador's sexual life, his shift from straight-out sex into a world of fetishes.

There is enough sexual content to keep those into this happy. There is also plenty of bullfighting content to make a grand libro taurino if readers can keep from being offended by the SM and straight sex scenes.

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