Friday, August 30, 2013

Silveti's March In Europe

Some months after cutting an ear in Madrid in the midst of a rain and hailstone  storm, the Mexican matador Diego Silveti's successful march through Europe continues with triumphs both in France and Spain.

In a recent August corrida, Silveti scored yet another triumph in Cieza. While alternating with Rafaelillo and Ferrara, he cut an ear. The triunfador of the day was Rafaelillo, however, who won an ear from each of his bulls as to Silveti's one.

Diego's style in many ways serves as a reminder to older aficionados of his late father, David, who sadly committed suicide in a  fit of depression years ago,which has come to be regarded as one of bullfighting's great tragedies. With the muleta, David was known as a fiery performer and Diego seems much the same.

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