Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Film Review: Bolero

If you have never seen this 1984 release, do not bother. The horsemanship of the Peralta brothers may be appreciated, but little else.

Bo Derek and Ana Obregon play college grads who head for Spain to live the wild life after all their schooling. Derek meets and romances a rejoneador, seduces him, nearly loses him and ends up with him in the end.


Not even George Kennedy in a supporting role can save this fiasco.

One images Bo Derek proves as she always has  that no clothes make sup for no talent among some viewers.

As for the rest of us....

Again, yawn.

There are some bullfighting scenes, but they are minimal and dull. The Peraltas do their best as doubles for the actor and they might be worth giving this film a one time viewing over, but do not set your expectations too high.

The movie bombed when it was released in theaters and should rightfully bomb even now, decades later.

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