Thursday, August 9, 2012

Colmenar Viejo

The end of August brings the annual fair in Colmenar Viejo near Madrid, with a week of bullfighting and other festivities.

The traditional feria has not been without disaster.

In 1985, the rising matador de toros Jose Cubero "El Yiyo" came to Colmenar as a last mintue substitute for Curro Romero. From the final bull of this particualr corrida he gave a glorious faena and delivered a devastating sword thrust,  but was tossed and while on the ground, gored from the back/side into the heart. He was posthumosuly granted two ears.

Decades before, another incident happened that has been all but forgotten by history. The 21 year old brother of Paco Peribanez, Tomas Peribanez, was gored while testing a bull for his brother with the capote. He took a massive wound in the groin that extended into his intestines and caused his death a short time later.

Still, many top names in the apst were regualrs at this festival, including the beloved Antonete, who ahd great cartel in this plaza.

Once again, this year's festival starst the last week in August.

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