Sunday, January 1, 2012


Guillermo Alban might well go down in history as Ecuador's greatest torero. While this country has been known for holding great ferias and corridas, it has not produced that many matadores, though there have been some good ones in the past. Alban, however, might stand above them all.

Born in 1971, Alban first started making a name for himself in the Mexican palzas where he went to campaign in the early 1990s. The year, 1993, was tremendous for him and he received much favorable acclaim. During the next few seasons he continued to shift between Mexican soil and South America, then toured Spain for the first time in 1996. He again gained ground as a fiery performer and saw repeated trips to Spanish plazas.

Alban took the alternativa in Quito in 1999, at the hands of El Juli.

As a matador de toros, his reputation continued to expand even beyond that of his long career as a novillero. He received bookings around the globe and triumphed in the large rings as well as the small.

In 2003, he confirmed  his alternativa in Madrid at the height of yet another successful Spanish tour.

In the years that followed, he built up his fan base, though some of his greatest showings in recent seasons have been back in the South American plazas. Maracay, Venezuela, served as a scene for some spectacular faenas. Quito likewise became a stronghold for him.

In 2010, Alban earned a chapter in the 500 page book, More Tales From The Bullring, orderable at from Lulu Publishing.

There are also many You Tube clips and web pages online carrying information on him and his career.

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