Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meet Tin Tin

For a different look at the bullfight, meet Eztquial Vargas, otherwise known as Tin Tin.

In the style of Cantinflas, Don Gato and other comedic bullfighters, Tin Tin and his team have been making bullfight fans laugh for several seasons now.

From their Bogota base, they operate and take bookings that keep them busy everywhere. Each season sees them as regulars in South American plazas large and small.

As leader of the group, Tin Tin fights in clown make up, both on foot and in the unusual sideline of rejoneador, all with comedic factions.

Throw in an energetic group of midgets and one has a cocktail for hilarity in what is normally considered an extremely serious profession.

As of now, they continue to go strong.


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