Sunday, June 15, 2014

The History Of Bullfighting & Lucha Libre In Juarez Book

If all goes well, from out of Arizona, there will be a new photographic book by Dale Pierce out in winter titled The History of Bullfighting & Lucha Libre In Juarez, covering both the bullfight and pro wrestling in that town from Wild West days to  the present.

Several previously unpublished photos will be made available of Pepe Luis Vazquez, Eduardo Liceaga, Ruben Blanco, Tabaquito, Leopoldo Ramos, Charro Gomez, Mariano  Ramos, Calesero, Fernando Dos Santos, Curro Leal, David Renk, Jesus Solorzano, Eduardo Solorzano, Cagancho, Rocky Moody, Raul Ponce De Leon, Rovira, Queretano and others.

If all goes right.....

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